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Aquaculture Products

Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of many different types of Aquaculture Products that are commonly used for the disinfection of pond, boosting oxygen, and as feed products. These elements are produced by using top-quality organic as well as chemical ingredients that make them highly effective. They are in high demand as they are capable to provide excellent hygiene and better productivity. The offered Aquaculture Products are free from heavy metals and harsh ingredients that make them safe for aquatic animals. Buyers can get these products from our company as per their demands in bulk with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.
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D Germs VXL BKC - Pond Water Sanitizer

Price: 80.00 - 300.00 INR/Pack
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Suitable For:Aquatic Animals
  • Application:Water
  • Efficacy:Promote Healthy
  • Main Ingredient:Other
  • Shelf Life:24 Months
  • Disease prevention:Other
  • Form:Liquid
  • Function:Heathycare supplement
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Rhodocom Plus -1 ltr Multi Strain Probiotic Powder

Price: 90 INR/Pack

Calcium Supplement For Poultry We, VXL Animal Health and Nutrition, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Animal Health and Nutrition products (for Poultry / Aquaculture / Dairy Farming). The Water Quality of pond and the hygienic characteristics determines the survival, growth and quality of yield of Fish, Shrimps and Prawns as this allow the successful and healthy promulgations of the aquatic organism. VXL offer Rhodocom Plus which is optimized with adequate number of colony forming units of Rhodococcus spp. Rhodobacter spp. Bacillus spp. Lactobacillus spp. fortified with nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria and stabilized in liquid form for prompt and better water miscibilityand dispersion. Benefits of Rhodocom Plus : Control sludge build up Breakdown of dissolved protein Directly inhibit pathogenic microbes Stabilizes existing algal bloom Improves water quality Eliminate malodour from the ponds Can be used for desulphurization Prevents stress factor in ponds Best recommended For : Zooplankton enhancement For sludge and malodour reduction For better protein breakdown and absorbtion Complete water quality improvement and stabilizing algal growth. Packaging: 1 Litre Bottle. 5 Ltr Bottle. 20 Ltr Drum,

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Biocom Plus - 1 kg Probiotics Powder

Price: 70.00 - 400.00 INR/Pack

An Ultimate Blend Of Select Probiotics For Complete Aquaculture Farm Health We, VXL Animal Health and Nutrition, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Animal Health and Nutrition products (for Poultry / Aquaculture / Dairy Farming). We offer Biocom Plus, which is an optimum blend of Feed Probiotics. It consist of optimum number of colony forming units counts of selected strains of Lactobacillus spp. Bifidobacterium ssp. Streptococcus ssp. and Bacillus spp. which are capable of creating a healthy gut flora in fish and shrimps. Also, it helps in improvement of the water quality. The probiotics in Biocom Plus produce many enzymes and forms a symbiotic relationship with the hosts in the slime layers of fish and prawns. This also helps in decomposition of excess and waste organic matter like sediments and chitinous exoskeleton of the shrimps, and suppress the growth of undesirable microbes in ponds and on the host besides having an activity inside the gut, and also keeping the pond water clean. BioCom Plus Provides The Following Benefits: Limits the activity of harmful pathogenic bacteria Maintains a healthy, balanced got micro flora Improves performance Reduces digestive upsets Improves FCR(feed conversion ratio) Improves resistance to stress and disease Lowers mortality- improves profitability BioCom Plus is Recommended For: Reducing harmful pathogen load in the gut by competitive exclusion process Proper feed utilization & improving gut flora Improving digestive process Improving the feed absorption Enhancing immunity and to prevent stress Controlling mortality & to improve survivability Packaging: 1 Kg Pack 10 Kg Pack

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Dynablend Forte - Enzyme With Probiotics and Yucca Powder

Price: 30.00 - 600.00 INR/Container

We offer DynaBlend Forte, which is a powder blend of Beneficial Bacteria, Enzymes, Vitamins, and Liver protective and corrective agents. it can be used for Maximizing aquaculture productivity. The balance of Bacteria in the Gut may be disturbed by a change in inadequate, contaminated food,stress or antibiotics. Probiotics can help to restore and maintain intestinal balance. The high source of natural beneficial bacteria takes care of the Gut pH of the animal, enzymes take care of the digestion and prober absorption and assimilation of feed, and vitamins helps in proper bodily mechanism in the Aquatic animal. Liver protective and corrective agents increases the pancreas and its activities.

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Biotox Forte - Probiotics Powder

Price: 70.00 - 400.00 INR/Bottle

A Documented Probiotic Solution For Intensive Shrimp, Prawn & Fish Farming We, VXL Animal Health and Nutrition, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Animal Health and Nutrition products (for Poultry / Aquaculture / Dairy Farming). We offer Biotox forte, which is a highly concentrated blend of select and adapted non pathogenic pure microbial culture supplemented with nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria supported with a highly compatible base which are capable of producing large amount of digestive enzymes to degrade sludge effectively and improve the performance and survivability of shrimps, Prawn and Fish to make hygienic pond for better productivity. Cultivation of Shrimp/prawns farming is an aquaculture business for the cultivation of marine shrimps or prawns for human consumption and is now considered as a major economic and food production sector as it is an increasingly important source of protein available for human consumption. Intensification of shrimp/ prawns or fish farming had led to the development of a number of diseases, which resulted in the excessive use of antimicrobial agents, which is finally responsible for many adverse effects. Currently, probiotics are chosen as the best alternatives to these antimicrobial agents and they act as natural immune enhancers, which provoke the disease resistance in shrimp farm. Viral diseases stand as the major constraint causing an enormous loss in the production in shrimp farms. Probiotics besides being beneficial bacteria also possess antiviral activity. Exploitation of these probiotics in treatment and prevention of viral diseases in shrimp aquaculture is a novel and efficient method. VXL Biotox forte is a documented probiotic solution for Intensive shrimp, prawn & fish farming Advantage of Biotox Forte Application : Removes existing algae and prevents new growth Reduce noxious odour caused by algae, fish waste and leaves etc. Improves the quality of lakes or pond water Improves dissoles oxygen levels Eliminate ammonia and organic odors Dissolved away organic sludge and slime Biologically support a healthy immune system and increases the resistence to pathogens and parasites. Enhance uptake of nutrients by grasses Improve the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife Reduce ammonia salts and nitrogen levels Completely safe for humans, animal, fish and aquatic plant life. Packaging: 1 Kg Pack

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Opticom Plus - Probiotics With Minerals And Amino Acids Powder

Price: 30 INR/Container

It provides all necessary strength that is required for aquaculture pon. Since essential minerals contained in the feed are destroyed during the digestion process due to interaction with other componests of feed, the external supplementation of feeds becomes important and Opticom Plus provides all such essential minerals which replace the requirements.

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Oxynex O2 - Oxygen Booster Powder

Price: 100 INR/Pack

We, VXL Animal Health and Nutrition, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Animal Health and Nutrition products (for Poultry / Aquaculture / Dairy Farming). Oxynex O2, is a blend to provide optimum solution for dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture ponds. Oxynex O2 provides the following benefits : Generate dissolve oxygen Absorbs noxious gases at pond bottom Helps to reduce the organic load Ensure a steady supply of dissolved oxygen Reduce stress due to fluctuating oxygen level Oxynex O2 is highly recommended for : Immediate release of optimum quantity of oxygen when applied. Prevention of floating head in fish and prawns Improving the water quality Absorbtion and degradation of organics in water Removing ammonia nitrogen Removing sulphureted hydrogen and algal toxin. Packaging: 1 kg Pack 10 Kg Pack